He Alone by Dudley Hall

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There is a clamoring among theological types for a God without wrath, a judgment with hell, and a gospel without a singular Saviour. I hear often from those who are alarmed that we have given God a bad reputation because we still talk about sin as requiring death, salvation requiring the Cross, and pardon requiring sacrifice. “God is too loving to have such a place as hell in his universe,” we are told. “God does not require that his Son shed his blood for the sins of people. That would be cosmic child abuse,” they continue.

This kind of delusion comes from a defective view of the human dilemma. The sickness inflicted by sin on the human race is too severe for anything less than the vicarious sacrifice of the only Person in the universe qualified to offer it. Sin has isolated us, perverted us, and bent us toward always being in control. It is a disease lying inside of each of us waiting for the right moment to inflame us. We see it in its ugliest forms as rape, murder, perversion, child abuse, slander, and deeds unspeakable. Yet down deep we know that what is in one of us is in all of us. We have the same disease, though it might not manifest in the same way. Sin is empowered by the cosmic forces of evil. There is a personal evil one behind it. It enslaves as it blinds and prevents us from being what we are designed to be.

It required another Adam to appear. He lived a perfectly obedient life and was qualified to make a perfect sacrifice for us. On the cross, he established justice by canceling the debt of sin and breaking its power. He faced the devil and stripped him of his authority. Jesus rose from the dead to rule on the throne designed for Adam. Only one person could do what he did. The problem was too severe for anything else.

God has laid on Jesus the iniquity of us all. He has taken it. He alone offers freedom from sin and all its effects. Trust him.

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