Jesus Christ is the main character of the Bible. He is the central figure in all of redemptive
history. He is the one man about whom every person must make a decision that will determine
his or her eternal destiny. Therefore, Jesus Christ and the joyful celebration and sharing of his
glory are the reasons for our ministry. All of our efforts will center on him. We will always
interpret Scripture and all of reality through a Christ-centered focus.



Our network of churches, Kerygma Network, takes its name from the word which means
proclamation, or announcement, of the gospel. The kerygma is the announcement that the pivot
point and climax of history has arrived in the person of Jesus Christ. He is the fulfillment of all
the promises and prophecies of the Old Testament scriptures. The work of Christ through his
life, ministry, death, and resurrection provides forgiveness of sin and reconciliation with the
Father. The power of the Holy Spirit enables believers to live eternal life now. Jesus defined
eternal life as knowing the Father and His Son.

Jesus is the final judge of all mankind. The only appropriate response to this gospel is to repent
and believe. The gospel is the power of God for salvation. Our job is to proclaim it. The Holy
Spirit breathes on it and brings life to the dead. Viewing this reality by looking constantly into
Jesus' work by revelation of the Holy Spirit is the only mechanism God has ordained for
transformation of life.

Jesus inaugurated a completely new covenant with the Father as part of His completed earthly
ministry. This covenant finally and completely changed the way man would be restored and
related to God. He in invited those who would believe to be joined to Father through this
covenant. This new covenant is the joyful foundation for our enjoying God forever.



God has eternally existed as a community of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As his followers,
created in his image, we also relate as a community. While beliefs and practices are important,
life is done relationally in community.  As a community of believers we will always value the
relationships we build with one another through Christ most highly.



Correct theology is important for us to fully enjoy the benefits of knowing God. While Jesus is
our first and foremost commitment and we value our relational community, the importance of
doctrine cannot be denied. Community is superficial if not rooted in deep and accurate
convictions. Therefore, we take seriously our commitment to Biblical authority, to a Christ-
centered method of understanding scripture, and to an understanding of salvation by grace
through faith that imparts the life of God to us.  We expect that life to be one which is
empowered by the work and gifts of the Holy Spirit.



Jesus commanded us to make disciples as we go into the world. We are committed to making
disciples of Jesus and expect the people of our community to be always receiving and providing
discipleship to and receiving discipleship from one another.